The man

A graduate from the University of Alba with a degree in Enology, Mr. Rivella went on to achieve international fame through his many accomplishments. Beginning as technical director at the Cantina Sociale di Marino Gotto d’Oro in Rome and as winemaker consultant at Riunite in Emilia-Romagna. He contributed with Banfi Vintners, a famous American wine importer from New Jersey, at the launch of Lambrusco on the rocks. The biggest challenge and success that changed its life was the creation, togheter with the Mariani Family, an Italian-american family from New Jersey, owner of Banfi Vintners, of the most important winery in Tuscany, Banfi in Montalcino. Banfi, under his guidance, became one of the most important and highly lauded producers in Italy, now known and respected throughout the world.

Founder and CEO until 2000, today he is an entrepreneur and producer, with wineries in the most regarded Italian appellations, from Piemonte to Umbria, from Chianti to the Maremma. Author of the book “Io e Brunello” edited in 2008 also in English with the title “ Brunello, Montalcino and I – The Prince of Wines’ True Story “

He founded the Oenological Research Center, he has been President of the Italian Oenoligists. For nine years President of the Worldwide Oenologist Association, from 1993 to 1998 President of the DOC WINES National Commission at the Agricultural Ministry in Rome. In 1998 he has been elected Vice-President of the Office International de la Vigne ed du Vin in Paris and in 2001 became President of the Unione Vini-Confederazione Italiana della Vite e del Vino. In 1985 he has been conferred upon the honour of “ Cavaliere del Lavoro “ by the President of the Italian Republic, Sandro Pertini.

His motto

- The new wine world we’re dealing with today is very different compared to the past. We got into with a lot of difficulties and troubles, but now we are in and once in, we understand two things: the first one is that there is a reason why the ancients told us the wine is the “nectar of the God”; the second is that the wine is not a product as the others, it has a soul and it’s not just the result of a procedure… -


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